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Remembering the Top 5 White Collar Episodes

White Collar is a popular TV show that aired from 2009 to 2014. The show follows Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, a charming con artist, and Tim DeKay as Peter Burke, the dedicated FBI agent who catches him. Together, they solve white-collar crimes in New York City. Here, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and revisit the top 5 episodes of White Collar and some of our favorite moments, like the best cold call in history.

#1 ∙ S6.E6 ∙ Au Revoir

Au Revoir” is the final episode of “White Collar,” and it is a fan favorite. Neal needs help with his latest heist, and Peter, the FBI agent, gets involved in a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers. The episode is filled with suspense and action, making it a perfect conclusion to the series.

Neal’s plan involves stealing $30 million during a robbery. He teams up with Keller and relies on Mozzie to siphon off the money from a different location. Despite the risks, Peter decides to help Neal, which puts his wife, Elizabeth, at unease as they are expecting a baby.

During the heist, Peter and Keller pose as a mortuary company to gain access to an airport hangar, while Neal disguises himself as security. The heist goes smoothly, but things take a turn when Keller tries to double-cross Neal. A tense showdown ensues, and Neal is shot. As Neal is taken to the hospital, he tells Peter, “You’re my best friend,” leaving viewers emotional.

The episode then jumps one year ahead, revealing that Peter chose to stay in New York, while Diana moved to Washington, D.C. Peter finds clues that suggest Neal faked his death and escaped. The series ends with Neal strolling down a boulevard in Paris, leaving fans with a bittersweet farewell.

Why we love it

“Au Revoir” is beloved by fans for its perfect blend of suspense, emotion, and resolution. The episode masterfully ties up the series’ overarching storylines while delivering heart-pounding action as Neal and Peter take on the Pink Panthers in a high-stakes heist. The emotional depth is heightened as Peter and Neal’s friendship is put to the ultimate test, culminating in Neal’s apparent death and Peter’s heartfelt realization of Neal’s freedom. The episode’s unexpected twist and the poignant one-year-later scene provide a bittersweet yet satisfying conclusion, making “Au Revoir” a fitting and memorable farewell to the series.

#2 ∙ S5.E10 ∙ Live Feed

Live Feed” is another thrilling episode where the FBI catches Hagen for forgery. Hagen takes Peter along to reveal his connections with Neal, creating a tense atmosphere throughout the episode.

Peter is up for a new position in Washington, D.C., but he feels uneasy about leaving Neal and his family behind. Hagen kidnaps Rebecca and uses her as leverage to get Neal to bring him a valuable window. Neal and Mozzie devise a risky plan to plant a tracking device on Hagen.

As the episode progresses, Neal and Mozzie uncover hidden messages and images, leading them to a large mural connected to the masons and a valuable treasure. They also discover that Hagen’s plan was payback for his time in prison and that Rebecca is the mastermind behind the entire scheme.

The episode ends with a shocking twist: Hagen is killed by a sniper, and Neal finds evidence that Rebecca was behind the crimes. This revelation sets the stage for the intense episodes that follow.

Why we love it

“Live Feed” is a standout episode of “White Collar” because it expertly combines intense drama with clever twists. Fans love it for the high-stakes tension as Neal and Peter navigate the dangerous game orchestrated by Hagen, who uses Rebecca’s kidnapping to manipulate Neal.

The episode’s clever use of technology and intricate plotting keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Neal and Mozzie’s ingenious plans, combined with the emotional stakes of Peter’s potential move to D.C., add depth to the story. The shocking revelation of Rebecca as the mastermind behind the crimes and Hagen’s sudden death by sniper make “Live Feed” an unforgettable and thrilling episode.

#3 ∙ S3.E16 ∙ Judgment Day

Judgment Day” is set against the backdrop of Neal’s commutation hearing. Agent Kramer returns with the intention of derailing Neal’s commutation, forcing Neal to right a wrong from his past and make a life-changing decision between fighting and fleeing.

Neal is confident about his commutation hearing, but Peter is unsure about what to say. Kramer, Peter’s former mentor, wants Neal to serve his sentence in full and work for him in Washington, D.C. Neal overhears Kramer and Peter discussing the plan and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Neal and Sara recover a valuable Raphael painting, which becomes central to the episode’s plot. Neal’s ex-cop quasi-godmother, Ellen Parker, helps him escape a trap set by Kramer. The episode ends with Neal deciding to flee, but Peter testifies in favor of Neal’s commutation, leading to a dramatic conclusion where Neal’s future remains uncertain.

Why we love it

“Judgment Day” is a fan-favorite episode of “White Collar” because it perfectly captures the series’ essence of high-stakes tension and deep emotional connections. The episode centers around Neal’s commutation hearing, creating a suspenseful atmosphere as Neal races against time to right a past wrong and secure his freedom. The return of Agent Kramer, who aims to derail Neal’s commutation and force him to work in D.C., adds a layer of intensity.

Fans love the episode for the way it showcases Neal’s resourcefulness and Peter’s unwavering loyalty, even as he grapples with his own moral dilemmas. The thrilling recovery of the Raphael painting, combined with the poignant and uncertain conclusion, makes “Judgment Day” an episode that highlights the complex dynamics and heartfelt moments that define the series.

#4 ∙ S3.E10 ∙ Countdown

In “Countdown,” Neal and Mozzie must stay one step ahead of the FBI while working with them to keep their possession of a treasure a secret. The episode is filled with tension as Mozzie admits to selling a Degas painting to force Neal to choose between their new life and staying in New York.

Peter brings in Agent Kramer to assess Neal, suspecting he has hidden the treasure. Neal and Mozzie must track down the painting and replace it with a forgery before the FBI discovers their secret.

The episode’s climax involves a high-stakes plan to swap the paintings during an FBI raid. Neal parachutes off a building to escape, showcasing his daring and resourcefulness. The episode ends with Peter realizing Neal’s deception, setting the stage for future conflicts.

Why we love it

“Countdown” is a favorite among “White Collar” fans for its blend of tension, clever strategy, and character development. In this episode, Neal and Mozzie must outwit the FBI while working alongside them, a situation that creates an edge-of-your-seat atmosphere. The introduction of Agent Kramer, who is suspicious of Neal, ramps up the stakes as Neal and Mozzie scramble to recover and replace a Degas painting before their secret is exposed.

Fans appreciate the episode’s intricate plot, which showcases Neal’s brilliance and Mozzie’s cunning. The thrilling climax, where Neal executes a daring parachute escape, highlights the series’ signature blend of high-stakes heists and personal loyalty. “Countdown” perfectly captures the spirit of “White Collar,” combining suspense, humor, and the complex bond between Neal and Peter.

#5 ∙ S3.E11 ∙ Checkmate

Checkmate” follows the dramatic events of “Countdown,” with Peter and Neal working together to save Elizabeth from Keller. Keller has kidnapped Elizabeth and demands the treasure as ransom, putting Neal and Peter in a race against time.

Neal and Mozzie devise a plan to buy time and ultimately catch Keller while ensuring Elizabeth’s safety. They use a homing pigeon to contact Mozzie and set up a scam to distract Keller.

The episode is filled with suspense as Peter and Neal work together, demonstrating their strong partnership. The episode ends on a high note, with Neal receiving a surprising reward for his efforts.

These top 5 episodes of “White Collar” showcase the series’ thrilling plots, complex characters, and emotional moments. Each episode highlights the dynamic between Neal and Peter, making “White Collar” a memorable show for fans. Whether you’re rewatching these episodes or experiencing them for the first time, they are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Why we love it

“Checkmate” is a beloved episode of “White Collar” because it exemplifies the intense, nail-biting drama and the deep bonds between characters that fans adore. The episode centers around the urgent mission to rescue Elizabeth from the ruthless Keller, who demands the treasure as ransom. Neal and Peter’s collaboration, despite the high stakes and immense pressure, showcases their unwavering trust and teamwork. The clever strategies and quick thinking needed to outmaneuver Keller and ensure Elizabeth’s safety keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Fans love the episode for its emotional depth, particularly Peter’s desperation to save his wife and Neal’s determination to help. “Checkmate” brilliantly combines suspense, action, and heartfelt moments, making it a standout in the series.

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